Welcome to my nature blog!

Welcome to my nature blog!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


If you are not careful, you'll catch the winter blahs. You know them, muscle aches, headaches, fatigue, and STRESS! It's not the flu, but it is a sickness. Some people call it cabin fever, some use big words like Seasonal Affective Disorder. I call it TOO MUCH TIME INDOORS! But I have the cure.Take a nature walk. Get outside, regardless of the weather. Even fifteen minutes outside can cure the winter blahs. I promise you will feel better.

Studies have shown that just being outdoors contributes to overall good health.  Observing nature takes your mind off your troubles and relieves your stress.

Even in winter there is a lot to see if you know where to look.   In a park, along a walking trail, or in your back yard, there are winter wonders waiting for you to discover.  I try to get outside every day.  I look for unusual cloud formations, listen to bird songs, and try to identify trees by the bark.  Who says there is nothing "natural" to see in winter?

Today I walked a nearby trail along a stream.  I'm sure I got some needed rays so my vitamin D increased.  Listening to water flowing over riffles had a calming effect.  Observing and trying to identify bird songs challenged my mind without pressure.  I felt rested and relaxed, and ready for anything.

Just in case you cannot get outside today, you can come along on my winter walk with me. 

Shoal Creek, even with the bare trees and shrubs, it was a beautiful sunny day reflecting on the water. 

Fun fungi!  I had to climb over some brush and sit on a log to get this picture!

Ridge trail, you can see for miles. I sat on the rough rocks while the sun warmed me.

Studies have also shown that looking at pictures of natural scenes, while not the same as being there, can also have calming effects.  Enjoy some of my discoveries, but make a commitment to taking a real nature walk to relieve your stress.